In this day and age, the internet has become a necessity, just like food and water for every individual living in the first world country. Just like the internet, social media is also now an integral part of the human race. So with the human race, the businesses also need to evolve. Just like humans, social media has become an instrumental component of any business marketing strategy. For users, it can be very exhausting scrolling through every branded content on their social media.

One social media site is different from the other social media sites and the users of that social media embrace the branded content on this particular site. 

Pinterest is the site in which the users do take the branded content seriously. So Pinterest can be a very useful social media to attract serious consumers to your brand. When people were asked why do they take branded content more seriously than the other before making a purchasing decision? They point out the unique mixture of inspiring images and personalized recommendations which makes their open-minded discovery into a concrete decision. So for a brand to maintain its strong presence on Pinterest does sound like a logical strategy. 

With improving brand recognition comes increased traffic, and keeping an eye on analytics is very important for ensuring a successful strategy so that you can achieve the goal you have thought of. Pinterest Analytics helps you to achieve your Pinterest goals. So, understanding of Pinterest Analytics is very important.

What is Pinterest Analytics?

Pinterest Analytics is a free native tool that can be used to grow your business on Pinterest. With Pinterest Analytics, you can analyze pin performance, follower growth, traffic referrals, and make sure you’re achieving your social media targets. More importantly, observations from these analytics can be used to help you understand your audience better, create stronger content, and develop data-supported strategies. 

There are some metrics of Pinterest through which you can understand audience behavior better. I have mentioned some of the metrics below for you to have a look at. 

What are the Metrics that Pinterest track?

  • Impressions
    Just like any other social media, an impression is a measure through which we know how many times your content is displayed. The same way in the Pinterest impression is measured by how many times your content features in a user’s feed, search results, or a different category feed.

    You have to look into your content to understand what your audience is looking for, what kind of categories are they looking into, and what kind of keywords give you the most impressions. 
  • Repins
    When someone saves your pins to their own boards is known as repins. If you want to understand it is like a retweet on Twitter or if you share a post on Facebook. This action of saving your pins says that the user found your post very interesting and shareable. This tells you exactly who all are interested in your content, so this is more valuable than an impression.
  • Clicks
    Clicks are the metric that determines whether your content is driving your audience to your website or not. Clicks are very important to increase traffic with your Pinterest presence on your website if your goal is to do that.

    If you want to find the number of clicks you got or how many visits you got from Pinterest just click the bottom of the “Site Metric” tab and you’ll find the complete report of all the activities. So click as a metric tells the action of a click and the visitors let you know the number of unique users that visit your site.
  • Top pins
    Like other social media content’s life is very short like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest content has a long lifespan during this span your content on Pinterest can accumulate more metrics than any other social media platform. 

    You will get to know your best content over time by the top pins on your content. So if you have launched a campaign which has gone on to become very popular and connected with your audience really well. You can strategize your next campaign with the use of collected information.
  • Stats of All-time
    So as you came to know that your content on Pinterest has a long lifespan in this lifespan you can see what kind of content worked for your account the best in the past. You can look for the data as far back as the initiation of your account. This data includes your pins which were repinned the most, pins that perform the best in search results, pins that have engaged the most with the audience, and the most engaged pins of all time. 

    With the help of these stats, you can find your best-performing pins to create more advanced content and get your audience to be engaged with the content they want to see.
  • Audience Affection
    Now that you have found out the content that interests your audience the most, now you need to break down the categories of followers you engage with and the best board to which your content is pinned. You will get to know your audience and what attracts your customers on your content.
  • Saves
    When people start saving your content on their boards and also at the same time recommend it to their followers that means they love your content. Saves tend to increase the reach of your content and there is a possibility of users to engage with your content in the future.

How to Access Pinterest Analytics

In order to get access to Pinterest Analytics, users first need to have a business account with Pinterest. You can sign up for a business account or convert a current account. Make sure you’ve shifted to Pinterest’s new look. Also, business accounts must have a verified website listed, allowing Pinterest to record traffic between the two sites. You can see your unique data by clicking on the main menu under your account name and selecting “Analytics” from the list.

Some thoughts to conclude

In this article, we have discussed how Pinterest is very different from the other social media and how long your content can get and the kind of metrics that you can get from Pinterest with the help of Pinterest Analytics. Pinterest is such a site that with a little effort and studying it in depth you can take your blog traffic to a new level. The kind of insight it gives with a longer term of benefits no other site would be able to do it and at last, I want to conclude this article and want to say that out there in the market if you are looking for some serious promotion and business you need to get into Pinterest and know the game plan of Pinterest and I assure the success of your brand will skyrocket.