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Pinterest is a search engine and even a “pre-search engine” that is often mistaken as a social media platform.

We love Pinterest because it creates a ton of great traffic & visibility for your offers. If users are looking for positivity, fun and exciting answers to their search topics Pinterest is the place a very unique place to not only search but also SAVE searches!! 

As a business owner or an entrepreneur, Pinterest is a really unique platform. Why? People are really able to search for answers to their problems and they are in a unique place to be open to unbranded search and be influences to look at new brands.

Pinterest is a unique platform that combines social media and search engine which makes it unique and different for both paid & organic marketing. But like SEO, and other forms or organic marketing, your results can continue to grow over time, especially because the life of a pin is so much longer than any other social media image. 

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Hey, I'm Lindsay

Lindsay Shearer is the owner of Pins 4 Profit & BrandRanx agencies focused on Digital Marketing Ads + Organic, Pinterest Ads & Organic + SEO implementation & strategy ecom store builds & affiliate marketing for ecom.  She does consulting & teaches digital courses on organic + paid marketing & cross channel marketing. Lindsay’s also developing a variety of badass softwares to support Pinterest ads & SEO.

With 16 years experience in digital marketing & private equity, she’s helped multiple brands grow and scale their 7, 8 & 9 figure brands. Opening new marketing channels & increasing conversion rate optimization through organic + paid channels are her specialty. Convert Massive Traffic to Buyers!

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