Pinterest Audit & Strategy SetUp

Pinterest marketing strategies and alogrithms are always changing which means that you will need the most current implementation plans that will work now. A game plan to guide your success. We will look at…

✔ Your Goals

✔ What You’re Doing Now

✔ The Best Strategy

When you purchase a Pinterest marketing audit all the thinking and planning is done for you!

The Pinterest marketing audit is designed for getting your account ready for viral images, ads & a cross channel marketing strategy.

What Does An Audit Session Include?


Advertising preparation & strategy on how to best start the optimization process of designing your ad strategy


Conversion Optimization Strategy for your blog, SEO, Ads & Pinterest strategy with a thorough review.


Image Design Strategy for your existing products, blogs and traffic plans.


Influencer outreach to get you potential affiliate opportunities.


Pinterest Keyword SEO strategy for your brand profile so your profile ranks in multiple categories on Pinterest’s Search Engine.


Spring Cleaning your existing Pinterest presence including optimizing images & descriptions them to rank high on both Pinterest’s & Google’s search engine.


Access to our publishing network to help get access for your images & videos to go more viral.


Ability to connect with us in our free Facebook group to ask questions.


Sharing and Viral Image Strategies to help your store, Pinterest profile and blog get found.


Implementing Your Keyword strategy for your store to increase future ranking in Pinterest’s & Google’s search engine.


Video Pin strategy for your engagement and conversion increases & potential video optimized campaigns.


A variety of price points that make sense with your budget.

Audits, Account Touch Ups & Overhaul Plans

Disclaimer: *** New advertisers with us, & completely new ad accounts must start with the Pinterest Account Audit & Discussion before becoming a part of our Pinterest Organic Services, Paid Ads Services, or SEO services. We want you to have radical success and we need to make sure your account is ready for real growth & scale from both a brand, funnel, conversion optimization and cross channel marketing space.

Hey, I'm Lindsay

Lindsay Shearer is the owner of Pins 4 Profit & BrandRanx agencies focused on Digital Marketing Ads + Organic, Pinterest Ads & Organic + SEO implementation & strategy ecom store builds & affiliate marketing for ecom.  She does consulting & teaches digital courses on organic + paid marketing & cross channel marketing. Lindsay’s also developing a variety of badass softwares to support Pinterest ads & SEO.

With 16 years experience in digital marketing & private equity, she’s helped multiple brands grow and scale their 7, 8 & 9 figure brands. Opening new marketing channels & increasing conversion rate optimization through organic + paid channels are her specialty. Convert Massive Traffic to Buyers!

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