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Paid Pinterest Ads are our Jam!  If you’re looking to open a new marketing channel – we gotchu!  Pinterest has a lot of potential & we’ve been seeing some pretty radical results for our clients.

  • People are spending more and more time on Pinterest & the users are radically increasing every day.
  • There are so many diverse types of campaigns, funnels & strategies that we can help many types of ecom stores
  • Even if you have a newer brand, we can still help you get very cheap traffic to your website, offers & store
  • Ads get faster responses than waiting for organic reach to kick in. We have a lot of cool strategies to work together your paid + organic strategy
  • Pinterest traffic is some of the cheapest and highest quality in the cross channel environment!
  • Because your ads can get shared and saved, ads on Pinterest have a much longer life cycle, and there is a lot of delayed attribution so you can get much longer life from your ads strategies than any other ad platform

Our Pinterest Ad Packages

We’ve got tons of powerful case studies available too!

Aaron K., Powersport Freaks

“The techniques that Lindsay’s team has used have created over $30k/month consistently for us. We’ve decided to work with them on a more consistent basis as we just got super good results. Every single month we are growing in revenue and getting lower costs per conversions & leads. BOOM!”

Kara C., Acupuncturist

“Lindsay has been a GOD-SEND. She helped me formulate my offers, get clarity on my strategy and set up all of my marketing campaigns. I was amazed at how fast we were able to set things up so that I was getting consistent new clients every single week.”

Hey, I'm Lindsay

Lindsay Shearer is the owner of Pins 4 Profit & BrandRanx agencies focused on Digital Marketing Ads + Organic, Pinterest Ads & Organic + SEO implementation & strategy ecom store builds & affiliate marketing for ecom.  She does consulting & teaches digital courses on organic + paid marketing & cross channel marketing. Lindsay’s also developing a variety of badass softwares to support Pinterest ads & SEO.

With 16 years experience in digital marketing & private equity, she’s helped multiple brands grow and scale their 7, 8 & 9 figure brands. Opening new marketing channels & increasing conversion rate optimization through organic + paid channels are her specialty. Convert Massive Traffic to Buyers!

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