So, the first thing is, what is Pinterest? There is a possibility that if you have never used Pinterest you would think that this site is where your wife got wedding ideas from or your girlfriend gets the ideas for her nails. They do indeed get ideas, but it’s a lot more than that. It is a site where you can “pin” the things you think are of your “interest”. Pinterest is a search engine free of cost online visually focused and social platforms. Pinterest has a concept of pinboard for pictures and it has now evolved to become one of the most influential interactive image-based search share and shopping apps and websites in the world.

A lot of people get help from Pinterest to get a creative idea for their future. That is the reason so many businesses like retailers and CPG brands keep their focus to market their product on the platform.

Still not sure?

The first and the most important step you need to take while marketing your product and eCommerce is to market your product on Social Media Marketing.

In social media marketing, one of the most important social media marketing platforms is Pinterest. I know it’s not as popular as Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, but Pinterest has a lot more potential to connect with your target audience. To know and understand how it works and how you can use Pinterest to its maximum potential for your eCommerce business. So you need to get equipped with Pinterest statistics first, and also including those on Pinterest demographics like age and gender distribution. That is what we have for you. Now without wasting any time let’s get straight into the ten Pinterest marketing, you need to know for your future marketing strategy.

“72% of Pinners say Pinterest inspires them to shop when they aren’t looking for anything.”

Why hire a Pinterest 4 Profit.?

We have a promise and we always intend to keep our promises and it is one of the most sacred things for us. We like to keep our core values at a high level and we live and grow with it at Pinterest 4 profit. These core values guide us to our production for clients, hiring, training, and assessing the best team members so that we can be sure to give the best service!

  • Authenticity
  • Professionalism
  • Great Communication
  • Consistency
  • Take Initiative
  • Positivity
  • Joy & Excellence in all that we do!

Pinterest provides many businesses with many creative ideas for their good future. Retailers and consumer-packaged-goods (CPG) brands focus excessively on Pinterest to market their product. Listing down some of the top benefits of Pinterest Marketing Services:

  • There are more than 175 million pinners on this site, Pinterest is a great tool to help you reach the audience in-demand. 
  • Investing in Pinterest marketing has long-term benefits because the Pins last forever.
  • There’s a research which says that Pinners are ready to connect with the brands. So there are a lot of opportunities to promote your business.
  • A research says that 87% of pinners have purchased a product because of PInterest, so Pinterest can actually influence the purchase.
  • A significant amount of referral traffic is driven by Pinterest.
  • Pinners have more purchasing power than non-pinners as stated by a research.

We will take care of all the marketing activity on Pinterest so that you can generate more leads and you can earn more income from your business. Below see the list of services we offer:

1. Pinterest Courses

  • Setting Up Your Business Account & Analytics
  • Conversion Strategy
  • Custom Pin Creation 
  • SEO & Paid Ads for Pinterest

2. Pinterest Organic Portfolio & Traffic Management

  • Setting Up Your Business Account & Analytics
  • Conversion Strategy
  • Custom Pin Creation 
  • SEO & Paid Ads for Pinterest

3. Pinterest Paid Traffic Management

  • Setting Up Your Business Account & Analytics
  • Conversion Strategy
  • Custom Pin Creation 
  • SEO & Paid Ads for Pinterest

4. Pinterest Audit

  • Setting Up Your Business Account & Analytics
  • Conversion Strategy
  • Custom Pin Creation 
  • SEO & Paid Ads for Pinterest

The rules and algorithms of Pinterest marketing are always changing. This means that you need the most recent strategies that will work. A plan that will guide your business to success. I will look at it.

Once you purchase the Pinterest marketing audit and strategy guide all the thinking and planning is already done for you!!! For people who are busy with other aspects of the business the Pinterest marketing and strategy guide is designed for them so that they can learn to manage their own Pinterest business account.

What Does This Package Include?

  • The correct keywords need to be identified that will connect you to your audience.
  • SEO can be done for your brand so that in organic search you rank high under “People” in search engines.
  • I will provide you with tips and tricks to help you promote your Pinterest business page through other socials and marketing materials.
  • Give you the tip on how to get more Pinterest followers by setting up your website and blog and to get more visitors so that your products can be shared on Pinterest.
  • Cleaning up 5 board titles and 5 board descriptions and optimizing them to rank high on both Pinterest’s & Google’s search engine.
  • Suggesting what kind of image will work for your business best
  • Will make 5 branded Pinterest images to direct shoppers to your online store or blog.
  • Describing how to manage your account on a daily, weekly & monthly basis using a checklist and a template.
  • Describing & a checklist so that you know what to include in your pin description so that you could be found when searched on the search engine and not your competition.
  • 12 board titles to help you get found by new customers.
  • Organizing your boards and can also teach you how to organize your boards so that you won’t be needing any help in the future.
  • Instruction so that you would come to know how many images to pin or repin every month.
  • A follow-up 60-minute coaching session, so that a review can be done on the recommendation of the audit and to help you prioritize. (value of $195) 
  • Instruction on which days are the best and what times to pin.
Package Include
  • SEO for Pinterest
  • Pinterest Coaching
  • Pinterest 4 Affiliate Marketers
  • Zero to $1K Funnel Building
  • Affiliate Programs

We Offer Pinterest Paid Ads Services

If you own a business get ready to take your Pinterest marketing efforts to the next level, most likely to be on your radar should be promoted to pins so that you can get a good result.

  • Promoted Pins have a 2-5% higher engagement rate over organic pins
  • Pinners engaging with promoted pins are more likely to purchase your product and it is 12% more likely to happen.
  • Brand awareness can be built with the help of promoted pins.
  • Promoted pins will get you more eyeballs on your pins, it is important if you have very low follower count. 
  • You can get instant attraction if you have promoted pins if compared to organic pins, it’s gonna take months to gain momentum.
  • Ads on Pinterest are cheaper than Facebook.
  • Promoted Pins can yield long-term results. 

Our Management Packages

Management Packages