Pinterest is a platform where users can save the items which they found interesting in the form of pins on the boards they have created for themselves. Since its start in 2010 Pinterest has grown to over 300 million monthly active users.

Pinterest users are unique from other users on different social media platforms. Pinterest has women as their majority users, and the majority of those user’s annual income is more than $50K/year with a household income generally over $100k/year. Before getting into Pinterest of your product on Pinterest, you should know a few more Pinterest stats:

  • Women comprise 80% of Pinterest users
  • 92% of Pinterest Pins are done by women
  • The 96% users who are using the tool to research something they’re going to purchase something 
  • Half of the people who use Pinterest have decided on purchasing a product after seeing it in a pin

This platforms specific demographic happens to be one of the wealthiest in the world. Women had estimated global spending of almost $18 trillion in 2018. So it is very significant for businesses to be active on this platform. Because people can decide between buying your products or services because of the advertisements in the app. Let’s have a look at some basics of Pinterest before we dive into Pinterest Ads.

Pin: Pins are visual bookmarks that users can collect on their boards. Users can add pins from Pinterest or they can add new ones from their favorite website.

Board: Boards are for users to collect their Pins. Users can save pins based on their interests, They can use these pins for different things like making a plan for a vacation, or set goals or take notes for new ideas or for a new recipe to cook and etc.

There are a lot of opportunities for business boards to help their followers. You can share some piece of your blog content with quality and organize them according to the topic of interest for the users.

So, we have covered the basics, let’s get into how to create a business account and start taking advantage of all the things Pinterest can do for you.

Pinterest Advertising Ad Types

There are a lot of ways you can advertise your product on Pinterest. In this section of the article, we’ll cover how to set up an ad on the site. 

  • Promoted Pins
    Promoted pins are just like a regular, but you have to pay for it to be promoted so that it is seen by more people.

    The difference between the promoted pin and regular pins is very significant like “Promoted” written at the bottom of the promoted Pins.

    A huge benefit of promoted pins is that when it is shared by someone on their board the promoted mark goes away.

    Once your pin is shared by someone else on their board it automatically becomes an organic pin. The other advantage is that extra views your post will get from being posted by the sharer on their board will not cost you anything.
  • Promoted Video Pins
    Promoted video pins are simply the pins that have a video instead of an image. They get automatically played when they are viewed from a user’s feed. 
  • One-tap Pins
    A “close up” image with a lot more detail is shown when users click on regular pins.

    One-tap pins are such that if a user clicks on your promotion, they will be directed to a website or a landing page that you have made for them. It is a great way to increase traffic on your webpage and also to drive users to purchase products from your page. 

    You need to pay attention to branding with One-tap pins. If you keep the things steady and seamless between the pin and the landing page it will help you to increase the conversion. These are some ways that can help you create consistent branding: 
    – Use the same language in your ad that you are going to use on the landing page or product page. 
    – Use the images that are similarly styled- you can use more images of your product on your website, you need to be sure that they get a similar feel like the one on Pinterest.

    Your main aim is to make your ad and webpage look seamless. Keeping the same company and brand is a given so that your prospect can trust that they are viewing the same brand when they are on your product page.
  • Promoted App Pins
    Promoted app pins are best for the developers or the companies who want to drive ad traffic to download their app. Promoted app pins direct users to open up your app for download in the Apple or Android store rather than directing them towards a website.
  • Cinematic Pins
    Cinematic pins and video pins are the same pins as they are moving pictures. The difference between cinematic pins and video pins is that it only moves when users scroll past them in their feed. These pins stop moving when users stop scrolling.
  • Rich Pins
    Other social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, Pinterest also has a tracking pixel to offer. This snippet of code will help you in fine-tuning the Pinterest Ads audience and will help you to understand the follower’s demographic a bit better.

    The developer will add this code to the appropriate place on your website. You can do this yourself too if you are comfortable accessing your site’s code or metadata.

    The snippet in the backend of your website will collect data about the behavior of the visitor on the site. You’ll be able to retarget the Pinterest Ads to people who have already visited your site.

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How to Advertise on Pinterest

So, as you are all educated about the kind of Pinterest advertisement format available. Let’s get your business set up to use Pinterest ads. You need to sign up for a business account, to create ads.

The first thing you need to do before you start to create your first ad. It’s important to keep in mind that ads are based on the pins that you have already created. The first to create an add is you need to create a pin so that you’ll be able to promote an ad. Let’s go through the method of setting up an ad campaign

  • Get a business account
    So you need a business account first to get started so you either have to change your current account into a Pinterest business account or create a new business account.
  • Install the Pinterest Tag
    You need to install Pinterest Tag before starting an ad campaign. A promoted tag will help you to track the actions that people take on your website after seeing your Pinterest ads, sign-ups, including checkouts and searches.
  • Choose your campaign goal
    Choosing the right goal for your campaign is very important because it will determine what kind of ad formats are available for you and how you will bid in the ad auction.
  • Choose your campaign budget
    Add a campaign name and then you can either set a daily budget and lifetime spend limit. Pricing parameters will come later.
  • Create an ad group
    You can either choose an already existing ad group or you can create a new one. An ad group is like a container for your Promoted Pins. Each group has a different budget and different targeting. Ad groups can manage multiple goals in a single campaign.
  • Choose your target audience
    You have to set a parameter for the audience you would like to reach out to with this campaign. You have different categories for targets like gender, location, language, and device. If your Pinterest campaign is only for traffic or awareness you have to keep a broad targeting strategy so that you can have a higher amount of clicks.
  • Select ad placement
    If your budget is enough to spend a lot of money then go with all placements default. Or there are two main avenues for ads to appear: Browse and Search.

    Browse can appear in the home feed and with related pins and the search result performs best with keyword targeting.
  • Add Interests and keywords
    You can expand the targeting by adding interest and keywords. By adding this setting your ads automatically will be targeted to relevant searches and interests.
  • Set your budget and schedule
    Enter a start and end date for your Pinterest ad campaign. You have to set a daily or lifetime budget. Your daily budget sets a daily spending limit for your ad group. Lifetime budget is the total amount on the whole campaign from start till end date.
  • Tailor for optimization and delivery
    You have to start by setting the maximum bid for your Pinterest ads. It is known as your target CPM rate. Minimum bids should be above $2.00.
  • Determine your pacing
    You will have two types of pacing options for Pinterest ad campaigns that are Standard and accelerated. Standard pacing might take a little bit time but it will align with your overall spending and campaign duration, but accelerated pacing would drain the budget before the campaign end date and it will also get faster results compared to the standard pace.
  • Pick your promoted pins
    Pick a pin to add it to your ad group. Each ad group should include two to four pins. You have an option to either create new pins or pick from the pins you have added before. Each pin is assigned with a name and a URL.
  • Monitor the campaign performance
    Click on the option of Analytics from the Pinterest Ads Manager to measure the performance of the campaign. You’ll get to know an overview of all campaigns and their Key metrics, total clicks, engagement rate or CTR, average eCPM (earned and unearned cost-per-impression), and eCPC (effective cost-per-click) and total spending. Click on a campaign to know its performance detail.

Campaign Objective

  • Brand awareness
    Brand awareness means to make people know about your brand, products, and services that you are offering. When you are introducing people to what you have to offer the reach of your brand is at the utmost priority. You pay for 1,000 impressions of your pin so that you can bid the maximum CPM.
  • Video Views
    You have to try to get as many views on your video as possible, You need to boost watch times and viewer completion rates. Your ad will be shown to users at the expectancy of users watching the video till the end. You bid on the number of people who viewed your video for more than two seconds (CPV)
  • Traffic 
    You want to optimize the number of clicks to your site. So you have to pay per click so that you get maximum CPC.
  • App Installs
    Your main focus is to drive visits to the app’s download page or to drive to the installs of your mobile app. The pay structure is pay per impressions (CPM). The objective here is different though, your CPM bid will “dynamically adjust” to show your ad to the people who would download it. So that you get a target cost per install.
  • Conversions 
    You are here optimizing for particular on-site actions like sign up ads, checkout, and add to cart. You pay the cost per action (CPA), which means you only pay when people click through the pin and come on your website. But to use this objective you need to earn 50 conversions from your past traffic or brand awareness campaigns in the past 7 days. It is frustrating, it’s a good option once you scale your campaigns. 
  • Shopping catalogs 
    The main aim here is to help people to discover your product while they’re surfing through Pinterest for information. You have to connect your online product catalog to Pinterest and also to promote product groups to relevant users just like Facebook’s dynamic Ads. You can set a maximum CPC or you can use the CPM bid structure based on a target CPA for the bidding.


We have discussed Pinterest advertising in this article, we even went through the basics of Pinterest so that it could be easy to understand the advertising on Pinterest. There’s intensive material on the type of ads on Pinterest and the type of pins that can be used for advertisements. We have also spoken about the objective of the campaign.