This happened recently, Pinterest has got more than 10 million unique visitors, which makes Pinterest one of the fastest-growing platforms ever. Visits have grown by 4000% in the past six months, in just a week receiving 11 million hits.

Even though it is getting rapidly adopted, I often get to hear “I don’t get Pinterest.” or “It’s only useful when you are planning a wedding.” I understand and I don’t blame you even though I used to feel the same way.

Many businesses are still very cautious about using Pinterest for business. But you don’t need to be! You should be utilizing this social media network for your business because there are a lot of positive reasons for it. In this article itself, I’ll give you 6 main reasons why you should use Pinterest for your business.

Let me tell you something. Pinterest is very simple to use and it can make a big impact on your business. I am not jumping on the bandwagon here but telling you as a fact that I believe in it 100%. It is not just another social media it is very different. Pinterest is great at driving traffic, leads and conversion.

Why Pinterest?

Pinterest Ads

There are multiple reasons for Pinterest to be a great opportunity for businesses. Pinterest can help you to reach your business and blog to a whole new audience. A pin can lead to ten pins, which can lead to another ten pins and more.

Here are some of the common misconceptions about Pinterest:

  • There are only women users on Pinterest (Though female make the majority of the audience)
  • Users only pin food and wedding content and there are other big contents like travel, clothing, home decor are big too)
  • I won’t get my target audience on Pinterest
  • I don’t have much time to handle another social network

You would probably be surprised to find out:

  • Pinterest is the largest traffic driving site in the world
  • Pinterest has a popularity span of multiple generations
  • Pinterest in 2012 was considered to be one of the fastest-growing websites in history
  • Pinterest has a capacity of going 80% more viral and 3x more effective for generating leads than Twitter.

Here are 6 great reasons Pinterest can be a great marketing tool for your business

Pinterest for Marketing

1. Pinterest Converts More Browsers Into Buyers

How is Pinterest so unique compared to other social media websites, is that it cut down the number of steps from discovery to conversion. The visitors on Pinterest convert into leads faster than the other social media sources.

Like for example Twitter. A user will not buy a product from just one tweet unless a celebrity is endorsing that product. If you are willing to spend over $10K for a Kim Kardashian sponsored tweet. It is not a very smart move to spend so much money on one tweet. 

“For retailers, the path to purchase is very direct from social networks just like Pinterest. ‘See it, like it, buy it’ this thing happens very frequently also in the cases where the purchase is not very direct. Rarely you’ll find a social media network where linking of sale items is done so frequently. The social proof desire is clear in you for the item, you see a picture of it and you are only one or two clicks away to be on an e-commerce site.”

This is what every business wishes for. Pinterest increases conversion rates and reduces the sales cycle. Which business won’t like it?

2. Pinterest drives traffic (and lots of it).

Pinterest is a brilliant tool that will help you to increase links back to your website, which will drive more traffic to your website. It is more effective than any other social media website in driving traffic back to your site. 

This rise in traffic obviously depends on good content. When you are creating content keeping in mind the taste of your target audience, they’ll follow your link. Creating a visual of good quality is good content on Pinterest.

3. Pins Get You More Inbound Links

Marketers love when their content gets shared by people and it links back to them.

The awesome feature that Pinterest includes is that every pin has a link that leads back to the source of the image. The links which are built through images are some of the best links you can get when it comes to engagement. On Pinterest, 95% of the images are either pinned or re-pinned from the internet.

As Pinterest is growing with its popularity, it can provide you with very valuable inbound links. These links are no-follow links, but any link which is leading visitors directly to your website is always very beneficial.

4. User engagement is ridiculously high.

Pinterest users are content sharing the things they found with small groups of people. You won’t believe it but it is very good for your business! You must be thinking how? Well, this simply means that your pins are most likely to be seen, touched and can also go viral like crazy!

5. Pinterest integrates with your website, Facebook profile, and Twitter account.

Why is it a good thing? Because users can automatically add new pins to their newsfeed so that other people can see it. Although not a fan of cross-platform posting, a lot of people find it very helpful. Reliance on automation, you might be trying to do too much. You need to spend some time on strategizing social media first.

6. Discover what your audience loves.

There is one amazing thing you can do with Pinterest is to know what is trending right now. Follow the people who follow you to know what inspired them to follow you. You will have a good look at their likes, dislikes, and mindset. Pinterest will allow you to know what is hot nowadays and use the information to place your offers and products according to the trends.


We have covered all the reasons that would make Pinterest a better efficiency and cost-effective social media platform compared to any other social media. We have also discussed why Pinterest is the best kind of marketing tool for any business in this world of competitive marketing.

If you are looking to get your business up there where it needs to be using Pinterest, contact the Pinterest marketing experts at Pinterest 4 Profit