Pinterest is an online board where you pin your images with a user base as big as 70+ million. It is one of the fastest-growing social media sites. Pinterest allows you to collect posts and information online and share it with your connections. Pinterest is like an online scrapbook. You can store information and compile them so that you can retrieve this information in the future. There are occasions when you can use Pinterest as a social media marketing channel. The occasions are listed here.

Why should I use Pinterest advertising services?

All the social media sites that you know of available to your business. You might have kept Pinterest last on your list and you also have automatically considered it to be a narrow market for a potential lead as 81% of Pinterest users are women. But, Pinterest is a great place to advertise your business to reach new leads.

Here are 3 reasons to invest in Pinterest advertising services:


Pinterest ads will help you reach more leads who are interested in buying your product or services. When you post content on your page there are high chances that you won’t reach people who are interested in your content. When you use Pinterest, you get your business connected to the people who are interested in your content.

Pinterest Paid Ads Services:

You as a business owner are ready to take your marketing effort to the next level with the help of Pinterest. Promoted pins can be very useful and for a good reason.

  • Compared to organic pins Promoted pins have 2 to 5% higher engagement rate
  • There are 12% chances of purchase from pinners who engage with promotes pins
  • For brand awareness, you can always use Promoted Pins
  • Promoted Pins get more eyeballs on your pins, especially if you have less amount of follower count.
  • Promoted pins can give you instant pull compared to organic pin, which takes months to gain a momentum
  • Pinterest paid ads are generally cheaper than Facebook ads
  • The promoted pin can give you a long time result 

So when you run your own Pinterest advertising campaign, you are going to expose your business to people who are interested in similar kinds of products or services that you offer. Pinterest will help you reach the leads and connect with them. When they see the content that you have posted and if they are interested in that content they will check out your products and also will follow you on Pinterest.


It’s hard to run a social media marketing campaign when you are already running your business.

You need to focus on the operation of your business every day, due to which you have very little time left in your hand to run a Pinterest advertising campaign. Investing in Pinterest advertising services you would not have to worry about running a campaign while running your business.

You can rely on a team of experts to run your campaign for you. They’ll have experts in Pinterest marketing, which also means you’ll have experts running your campaign. You’ll get a campaign that drives results.

Pinterest4Profit has experience in digital marketing & private equity for the past 16 years. Over these 16 years, we have helped multiple brands to grow and extend their 7,8 & 9 figure brand. We have opened new marketing channels for them and also increased their conversion rate optimization through organic and paid channels as it is her specialty. Convert Massive Traffic to Buyers!


People who browse on Pinterest, they come across a lot of pins and products. Pinterest is a platform with ideas, inspiration, and creativity. There is a statistic that says 87 percent of pinners have purchased a product because of Pinterest.

Pinterest advertising services will help you connect with the person you are going to target who is looking for a specific product. By running an ad for a specific search you can get leads to your pin and make them interested in your product.

Let’s say that someone is searching for a chicken skillet dinner. Upon searching, they see a pin for cheesy chicken bacon skillet dinner. The post is promoted by Kraft.

They check out the recipe and it fits perfectly with what they’re seeking. When they go to buy the ingredients, they’re more likely to buy Kraft cheese because it’s in the recipe. This is a conversion for Kraft.

conversion for Kraft

This is only one example, I can give you multiple examples like this. How Pinterest can get you conversion on your ads or your businesses. People who are searching for specific products or ideas, there is a high chance they can be converted easily when they find those products on Pinterest.


Want Massive amounts of traffic from Pinterest?

We have the best service on the market with powerhouse cross channel marketers, who will help you to DOMINATE Pinterest ads + organic marketing!

You can get more visibility for your products and services with your ideal market! So if you are struggling to find new clients and getting sales on your e-commerce store. If you have chosen Pinterest you have done the right thing, because Pinterest is a powerhouse marketing machine! You can be consistent in growing your presence by letting the experts help you get a marketing strategy that will span not just Pinterest but all of your marketing channels. 

The problem with most business owners is that you don’t have enough time to manage one more platform. That’s where Pinterest 4 profit comes in for your rescue. We can manage your page, run ads for you, and follow most of the recent Pinterest developments and help you to make content that will be relevant to your followers for driving traffic back to your blog, products, and stores. Let us help!

If You’re Ready to Start Advertising your Business on Pinterest

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